Aaron Waghorn

Born, Palmerston North, 1978, currently lives and works in Wellington.

Emerging artist Aaron Waghorn creates paintings that draw inspiration from the media that surrounds us. Through watching the news, reading articles, streaming music or browsing the internet, Waghorn, like us all, experiences fast-paced impressions of the world in vivid colours and clashing concepts. Waghorn finds inspiration in the dramatic juxtapositions and contradictions thrown up by contemporary media, translating them into transecting colour, motif and line.


The category of Pop Art is a continual influence on Waghorn’s practise, his works stylistically engender many of the features of this ground-breaking movement which began in the late 1950’s. The thick outlines and Benday dots of Lichtenstein make their way into Waghorn’s canvases, while his use of colour blocking makes reference to Warhol. Certainly, Pop Art’s strategy of plucking material from the everyday and presenting it as visually removed subject disconnected from its known context, often combined with unrelated material, is an approach Waghorn employs.


Aaron Waghorn graduated with a BFA from Quay School of the Arts, Wanganui in 2001.

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