Annette Isbey

New Zealand, b. 1927

Born in Palmerston, Otago, she studied part time at Elam SFA from 1947 – 51 and took private tuition during the 1980s with Michael Smither.  Since 1975 she has exhibited widely.  Isbey is a figurative painter (oil on linen) whose work has always had its roots in realism.  Her images are often classical with a sculptural quality.  Themes include references to social concerns.

Annette says” I think the origins of these paintings go back to the way I grew up. Much of my early life was spent in the outback country of Hokianga. Although much of my schooling there was poor, my very rich education was in exploring and knowing the land, the hills and the mountains, the creeks and the rivers, the waterfalls. I like to think of waterfalls as being emblematic of New Zealand, the real New Zealand that has escaped so much destructive and unsympathetic modern development”.


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