Elizabeth CUNNANE

NZ b.1984

Elizabeth Cunnane is a young artist who works with glass. Formerly the manager of Aesthete Gallery Hamilton, in 2009 she returned to finish the final two years of her art degree which focused on the way ideas can be expressed sculpturally in glass.

Elizabeth was born in 1984 and grew up in Hamilton. In 2003 she spent a year traveling in Europe before returning to New Zealand study the Bachelor of Fine Art at the Quay School of Arts, Wanganui.  She has a background in art, with initial interests in photography, but it was at the Quay School that she was first exposed to the making of glass, and has since become intrigued by the medium and in pushing the boundaries of what it can offer.

Elizabeth has also worked with humanitarian organisation Habitat for Humanity on a project in Mexico, and feels that it is that kind of work and travel that helps her keep a balance between the somewhat internal focus of the art-world and the greater need to looking beyond one’s immediate world to help others. At the end of 2010 she donated a kidney altruistically, and she feels that while this is another way she’s kept the balance between internal and external focuses, she also feels it is a defining point in her life and may lead to further developments through her artwork.



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