Garry Nash

New Zealand, 20th Century.

Garry Nash was born in Sydney, Australia, and then moved to New Zealand in 1973.  He began working with glass in 1978 and joined Sunbeam Glassworks in Auckland 1981 as a full-time glass artist, For more than 25 years Garry Nash has been creating enduring works of art in hot glass that has exhibited widely in New Zealand and internationally. Today he continues to operate the studio pursuing his own personal exploration of the glass medium.

Garry has developed an international reputation through the strength and quality of his work in the Art-Glass realm. He is an honorary life member and past President of the New Zealand Society of Artists in Glass.

In 2001, he was made an Officer of The New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM) for his services to Glass Art.

Hot glass; the alchemy of sand, air and fire is pushed to the limit at Nash’s studio where he has developed a unique and distinctive collection of contemporary work.

From gas fired furnaces the glass is worked at temperatures of around twelve hundred degrees Celsius. Initially a mass of glass is gathered onto a hollow blowpipe and, blowing into this pipe the glass worker defines the shape while spinning the rod gently. Working against gravity’s pull, the artist uses handmade tools of wood, steel and graphite to create original glass objects.

Garry is renowned for producing acid-etched bowls and platters of proportion.
A difficult and technical process, acid is used to etch designs directly onto the glass.

Garry states that 'working in the relative isolation of New Zealand, unemcumbered by rigid parochial European traditions of glass style and technique, gave me the freedom to develop a unique style reflecting the New Zealand environment.

Artist’s Statement:

My recent work is a result of nearly two decades of fervent exploration within the medium of molten glass. The skills acquired during this uninterrupted period have allowed me to have at my fingertips techniques that were inconceivable when I started out.

Working in the relative isolation of New Zealand, unencumbered by rigid parochial European traditions of glass style and technique has allowed me the freedom to develop a unique style reflecting the New Zealand environment.

I have an intense interest in the rich history of glassmaking and have drawn impartially from its long, rich and varied past.

Being able to combine a technique from sixteenth century Venice and blow it in an eighteenth century English style is one of the great joys of being involved in the studio glass movement.

I continually push the boundaries of hot glass in terms of scale to achieve an architectural presence with my work. This is one area of hot glass traditionally ignored that modern technology has made possible.

Colour is the cornerstone of the studio glass movement. I combine colour and form in my work to evoke an emotional response.

Public Collections:

Te Papa, Museum of New Zealand

Auckland Museum Dowse Museum, NZ

Hawkes Bay Art Gallery, NZ

Manly Art Gallery, Australia

Smithsonian Institute, Washington, USA

Glass Museum, Ebeltof, Denmark

Manawatu Art Gallery, NZ

Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia

Robert McDougal Art Gallery, Christchurch, NZ

Whangarei City Art Gallery, NZ

Ishikawa, Design Collection, Ishikawa, Japan



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