Graham Braddock

Graham Braddock

Born in Auckland in 1942.

Braddock trained and worked initially as a graphic artist, then moved into professional fine art in 1974. He was successful in winning the Cambridge Art Award twice, and the prestigious Kelliher Art Award twice in consecutive years.

In 1976 he founded the Downtown Hilton Gallery in Auckland. In 1983 Braddock sold the Gallery and since that time has devoted himself to painting and having art prints made of his work.
In 1984 Graham and his wife travelled in Israel. “This special time provided the inspiration for quite a number of my more popular Bible based paintings.”

In 2001 he commenced holding large, interactive art workshops in primary schools for children aged 5 to 12 years. “I particularly enjoy opportunities to pass on to the next generation drawing and colour skills that I would love to have been taught when I was a boy.”

“Many of my paintings are visual stories that contain partially hidden words or imagery. The viewer is encouraged to embark on a voyage of discovery where additional levels of meaning unfold only when the painting is looked at closely.”

Most of Braddock’s paintings are executed in oils, often over the top of other media

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