Haneui Kim

2009 Bachelor of Fine Art (with honours), Elam School of Fine Art, University of Auckland.

2011 Diploma of Graphic Design (with Merit), Media Design School, Auckland


2010 Emerging Artists, Group exhibition, Warwick Henderson Gallery.

2010 No Dilemma, Solo exhibition, Warwick Henderson Gallery.

Artist Statement:

Based on personal experiences and memories, these paintings reflect intuitive and unconscious thoughts and feelings. The images reference auto-biographical accounts of everyday life. Intense and vivid colours collide with apparently random compositions of figures and objects, which create dreamlike, surrealistic images.

Rather than literally illustrating stories, the visual representations suggest open-ended meanings can be constructed subjectively by each viewer respectively. These narrative paintings work as a system of representation creating daydream-like motifs that conceal both pleasant and unpleasant aspects of reality. My studio practice references artists such as Amy Cutler and Marcel Dzama. Both Cutler and Dzama works create personal fantasies and narratives by taking elements such as folktale figures, costumes, and animal as symbols, referring to their own culture and personal experiences. The different interpretations and aspects of their works closely align with the subjective analysis of my own practice.

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