Javier Murica

Javier was born in 1981 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife the capital of the Canary Islands which are a Spanish territory.

In 1998 when drawn by his interest in the world of cinema and special effects, Javier moved to Barcelona to further his studies.

Between 2003 and 2006 Javier studied fine arts at the University of La Laguna back in Santa Crus de Tenerife and trained in different mediums such as drawing, painting and casting. During these years he also had the opportunity to improve his knowledge of the field of anatomy, taking two courses in dissection at the School of Medicine.

Javier showed great interest in particular to the application of these techniques to plastic mediums, especially in drawing and sculpture.

Influenced by figurative and modern art, he started his professional and artistic career with both exhibitions and commissions. He created pieces for both the private and public collections in Santa Cruz.  Amongst these was "Homenaje al Chicharrero ", a sculpture created in 2012 for  Mercado Municipal de Santa Cruz de Tenerife (City Council) This sculpture was installed in a central, urban area.

In 2010 Javier travelled to Copenhagen and he lived there for a year and a half. While there he collaborated in a large sculpture project by Christian Lemmerz, by whom he feels strongly influenced. The magnitude of this piece, commissioned by the Kirke family (owners of the Lego company) confirms his skill in the art of sculpture.

At the beginning of 2013 Javier immigrated to Wellington. His debut exhibition "Visceral Beauty" in 2013 was a collection of sculptures of a very personal tone generously sponsored by Richard Taylor and Tania Rodger.

Javier continues to live and work in Wellington.  His sculptures are included in many collections throughout New Zealand.



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