Jo Conroy

New Zealand b. 1979

Jo has been living in Wanganui for 6 years after moving down from Auckland to study glass at the Wanganui Glass School and UCOL in 2007.  She graduated in 2011 and 2012 saw her back at the glass school this time in the role of Artist in Residence.

During this year she  pushed many boundaries and moved into large scale sculptural installation works. She enjoys working with colour and creating bold fun pieces, often taking inspiration by experiences, memories and emotions.

As well as a passion for glass she is a photographer. Having built her own darkroom she develops her own fine art photographic images and also work digitally, primarily with portraiture and people.

Heartline Vessels

These are small precious pieces that comfortably sit in a cupped hand.  The lines on the outside of the vessel represent the lines of the palm titled ‘Heartline’ as they are an expression of the joy found in following one’s heart – in the case of the artist, being a glass blower and artist.

Child’s Play

Each piece consists of three coloured blown, cut and polished glass balls stacked on top of one another.  The inspiration for these pieces came from the artist watching her children play with a ring stacker toy.


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