Jonathan White

New Zealand b. 1938

Jonathan White is a New Zealand traditional representational artist, whose work is well known both in New Zealand and internationally.

Born in Gisborne in 1938, he is a 5th generation New Zealander and was educated at King's College, Auckland. He now resides in Whakatane, in the North Island.

With interests in Botany, Ornithology and a keen tramper, his paintings reflect his love of remote places and wilderness areas and the unique flora and fauna of his homeland.

Painting professionally for the past 40 years, he has held many solo and joint exhibitions and has also painted in Australia, Europe, India, Kashmir, and North America. His paintings hang in collections in many countries of the world.

During the summer season of 1989/1990 he visited Antarctica with the New Zealand Antarctic Research Programme to execute a series of  HYPERLINK "" paintings of the Historic buildings and the Dry Valleys Region of the Antarctic Continent.

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