Lionel Teer

New Zealand Glass Artist

Lionel Teer is a Senior Lecturer in Warm Glass and Sculpture with the Wanganui Glass School (run in partnership with the Wanganui District Council). He is a specialist in warm glass techniques, but also works with hot glass mold-formed glass techniques.

Lionel studied sculpture and glass at the College of Fine Arts, Sydney University, and then did his Masters degree at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.ᅠ He has exhibited widely in New Zealand, Australia and the United States, and worked together with nationally renowned designers and architects on projects.

Lionel has previously tutored at the St George-Sutherland Community College in Sydney, the University of Sydney’s College of the Arts, and spent a period based at the Auz Glass studio in Winters, California. He joined the Wanganui Polytechnic (now UCOL) as a Lecturer in 1999.

Lionel is described as a pioneer and leader in the use of recycled glass in art, which has become the main focus of his research and art practice.ᅠ He has assembled a vast amount of technical detail in a log on the experimentation and the assessment of recycled glass. He brings this new knowledge to his students, who appreciate the savings both to themselves and to the planet by applying the techniques he has developed.

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