Mark Wooller

 New Zealand b. 1969

Mark Wooller was born in Auckland, New Zealand. He now lives and works in Matakana, NZ

“Have you ever reached a point where you feel you can’t turn back? Caught by a current of your own creation which steadily draws you downstream?” The characteristic form of an eel net pinches at the point of no return – a symbol of focus in Mark Wooller’s contemporary language. Combined with the allegory of the River the poetry of Mark Wooller’s symbolism moves confidently on.

The calm manner of Mark Wooller pervades his art. Over more than a decade of exhibiting – both within New Zealand and internationally – Wooller has formed a distinctive visual language. Living off the land and drawing inspiration from the natural world, Wooller presents us with nature stripped back to its outlines and essential forms; a finely detailed net or a leaf in graphic form.

The themes in Wooller’s work often grown from single ideas but the results are anything but random. Like the artist’s own poetry – which also provides a starting point for his work – all of the details in a Wooller painting are meticulously placed. Through a subtle and clever use of shadows, Wooller enhances nature’s fundamental qualities. His shadows play up a three dimensionality of the shapes in his work, drawing attention to elements of nature which are often overlooked because they are so familiar. For all of the calmness and serenity though, Wooller’s work is not placid. Nature becomes a spring board through which a range of emotions and themes can be examined. Stories thread their way through each canvas and his art achieves a gentle, captivating power.”

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