Nicky Foreman

Nicky Foreman - New Zealand b. 1970

Nicky Foreman was born in Waitara in 1970 and graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts Auckland in 1992.

Since then she has exhibited regularly in Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington and Christchurch.

She completed a 3 month residency and exhibition in Vallauris, France in 2005 and has recently returned from St Tropez, France, where she also exhibited.

Nicky's work can be viewed in two ways, as small icon-like pieces and as a work in its entirety. The difficulty in this is to create an innate sense of balance, wherein the viewer's eye is not pulled in any one direction, but rather "floats" across the surface picking up different aspects.

Her work is often concerned with taking everyday mundane objects and resetting them, so they can be viewed as precious and beautiful.

Nicky has paintings in many collections, both in New Zealand and overseas. She exhibits frequently.









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