Peter Beadle


New Zealand b. 1933

Born in 1933, after 30 years refining his craft, Peter Beadle is now acknowledged as one of New Zealand's leading contemporary landscape artists. He has been honoured by the New Zealand Government for his services to art and conservation, and his work is represented in the collections of Lloyds of London, The Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Air New Zealand and The New Zealand Marketing Board. During the 1999 APEC World Leaders' summit a work by Beadle was presented to former US President Bill Clinton.

Peter Beadle lives in the Wakatipu basin, near Queenstown which is located in the heart of New Zealand's most magnificent scenery - the majestic Southern Alps, the rainforests of Fiordland, the parched drylands of Central Otago and the golden tussock country of the Mount Cook region. He has a spiritual affinity to these places which finds expression in the mystical light often seen in his paintings.

Peter Beadle now travels extensively working on commissions for clients worldwide.

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