Philip Kilmore

 New Zealand 20th Century

Philip Kilmore is a contemporary realist landscape artist. His works are sought-after by collectors in New Zealand and around the world, and are in private collections in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany and Australia.

Philip's works are characterised by his assured technique, meticulous attention to detail and choice of subject matter. Through his paintings, Philip celebrates the ordinary, using the landscape and simple everyday subjects as metaphors for our place in the world.

Philip's paintings create a sense of intimacy with the viewer - one can readily imagine oneself in the scene, and it is this ability to enter into Philip's paintings that is so often commented on by viewers. To be engrossed by the sense of being there evokes a feeling of timelessness and tranquillity, of the world standing still.

Philip works in oils from his studio at Whangarei Heads, and is largely self-taught. Important influences have been Andrew Wyeth, Mark Cross, Tomas Sanchez and Jeffrey Smart. His awards include The Montana Wines Art Award (1980, 1981) and the BRL Art Award (1987). His work has been included in the 2007 publication "New Zealand: A Painted Country", the 2006 publication “New Zealand’s Favourite Artists” and the 2005 publication “Wrinkly Tin: A History of Corrugated Iron in New Zealand".

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