Aesthete Gallery is able to offer a wide range of fine artworks from the stock collection of Fine Art Society New Zealand.

These paintings have been sourced from estates and private collections, both locally and abroad. We also offer a small number of works for sale on behalf of local private vendors. All of these secondary market works carry an unconditional guarantee of authenticity with all known provenance details provided to the purchasers.

Many of these paintings featured here are of investment quality.

Investment art

The investment potential of fine art is well known, but not necessarily well understood.  In fact, it would be true to say that most paintings sold in New Zealand will not prove to be good ‘investments’ in a purely financial sense. However many paintings do prove to be excellent investments. If one of your main purposes in collecting art is to build a collection that will give you a good financial return, then you need to buy the ‘right’ paintings at the ‘right’ prices.

One useful guide to assessing possible future returns in relation to a particular artist or type of art is to look at past results. The most reliable records available to chart price movements are sales at auction. In the case of New Zealand these records go back to the early nineteen sixties, overseas records go back over a century. It is these auction records that are quoted in charts and graphs showing the movements in overall price levels for art at auction. The figures are impressive, consistently out performing many other indices both here and overseas.

The inherent strength and stability of the art market is largely because the people who tend to be involved it are often those who have already achieved a position of relative financial strength and stability. These buyers are unlikely to find themselves in a position where they are forced to sell at any price. Collectors never count on their art portfolio producing an income or a specific maturity date.

Collecting art for investment purposes, when the criteria are more than aesthetic, is something that should only be undertaken with expert assistance. There are many resources for you to gain knowledge about the art, but knowledge of the market is something where there is no substitute for experience.

Remember, to realise on your investment it has to be sold, and there will be costs and commissions involved. Knowing the best place to sell a particular art work to obtain the highest price is another thing that only comes with long experience and a daily working knowledge of the market place. Utilising the services of an expert at both ends of your investment is the best assurance you can have of a good outcome for investment in fine art.

Investing in art is not only for the very wealthy, but the fact that they have always been active in the market is one of the factors contributing to its strength and stability. Many investment advisors consider the art market to be far too esoteric an uncertain to be a real investment option. The true facts and history of the art market show that to be a fundamentally flawed view. However it is certainly a market where knowledge and expertise is essential. That is exactly what we can provide for you. Talk to us about how we can assist you to enjoy ‘the finest of all investments’.