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Anah Dunsheath
New Zealand b. 1943

Visual transformation and optical illusion are the key elements of Anah's work.  Her works feature pronounced perspective and an often paradoxical relationship between 3D space and 2D surface.

Dunsheath is known as an 'urban artist'.  Her large acrylic paintings are generally set in the streets of Auckland however other themes are present in each series, relating to popular culture.  The works are edgy with strong form and bold colour with human interaction an essential component.  These works create a narrative the viewer is invited to complete.

Dunsheath's sculpures are made in the basic medium of mirror finish stainless with an emphasis on illusion.  Other mediums are also included in different works such as acrylic, LED lights, etch primer and lacquer paint.  The sculptures range from free standing works to site specific installations.

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