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Fatu Feu'u
Samoa/New Zealand b. 1946

Fatu Feu’u is a senior artist acknowledged as both a leader and mentor within the Pacific arts community in New Zealand. Feu’u grew up in the village of Poutasi in Western Samoa and immigrated to New Zealand in 1966 at the age of 20. He has been an exhibiting artist since the early 1980s and became a full-time artist in 1988. 

Fatu is a multi-media artist and while primarily a painter, he explores a range of other mediums including bronze, wood and stone sculpture, pottery design, lithographs, woodcuts and glass works (both stained and etched). Fatu gains inspiration from Polynesian art forms such as siapo (bark cloth), tatau (tattooing), weaving, carving and ceremonial mask making.  In these forms he has discovered a rich lexicon of motifs and compositional structures. Fatu's works frequently blend traditional and contemporary elements, incorporating a range of influences, inspirations, techniques and motifs from Samoa and Aotearoa and more generally from Euro-American to Pacific cultures.

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