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Aesthete Gallery

Aesthete Gallery has been a dealer gallery in Hamilton since 2006


It has established itself as the premier gallery in the Waikato area.  Lyn Chapman, Lynden Earl and Mark Curtis have become well known to local collectors and artists as people who are passionate about the fine art handled by Aesthete Gallery.

The diversity of contemporary art displayed is matched by a wide range of secondary market art by earlier artists; both local and international.

The gallery offers a wide range of graphic editions by many of the country's leading artists. These original prints offer an affordable option for new collectors to acquire work by recognised artists and for existing collections to be enhanced


Aesthete Gallery Hamilton host monthly exhibitions as well as the annual Waikato Art Auction

Gallery Hours

Tuesday - Friday 10am-4pm

Saturday 10am-2pm


Cnr Victoria & Rostrevor St



Phone:  078390730

Email     info@aesthete


We offer a comprehensive range of services and advice on all aspects of fine art including:

Market Advice
Our intimate knowledge of the art market is at your disposal to assist you in making the right decisions on acquisition or selling of fine art

If you want to know the value of your art work for insurance or resale we are happy to assist.

We can also supply full written valuations for insurance, estate or other purposes for a modest fee (see the valuations page for details).

Restoration and framing
We are able to offer an assessment on any restoration required and can offer a comprehensive range of  framing options

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