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Paul Dibble
New Zealand b. 1939

Lives and works in Palmerston North, New Zealand
From a foundry in Palmerston North, Paul Dibble casts his work with the help of a small team of highly skilled assistants.ᅠ His sculptures vary in size from 350 millimetre high maquettes to large works of over 5.5 metres in height.ᅠ The casting processes that Dibble has used for his more recent works are based on two methods; ceramic shell, lost wax and sand casting.ᅠ The human figure, objects drawn from contemporary life, and the history of New Zealand and the Pacific form the subjects of his work.ᅠᅠ These objects and figures form fragments of many narratives.ᅠ Ideas which begin as beautiful fluid line drawings are worked and reworked to a point of perfect balance before being modelled and cast.
Highlights of his Paul Dibble's career include major survey exhibitions and the commission of The New Zealand Hyde Park Corner Memorial in London

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