Nigel Brown
New Zealand b. 1949

New Zealand b.1962


Nigel Brown is one of New Zealand's great painters. Taught by Colin McCahon, Robert Ellis and Fred Graham, Brown is a quintessential New Zealand Artist.  His works contain a virtual Pandora's box of messages, symbols, New Zealand icons and thought provoking poetry and statements.


"I want a human face to my art.  Art can be a product of a person in the deepest sense.  My concern is with the dilemma of modern existence…. the ongoing frailty of humanity's material - moral and spiritual.  An art that has no humanity or concerns means nothing to me.  I am more interested in (painting) as a vehicle to express and explore ideas”


From Brown's earliest 'Driveway' series, he has made his commentary from a base in the New Zealand suburban sprawl, a place he knows well.  This suburban dilemma shows us the frailty of our co-existence with nature